Where is Apothecary At Home based?
We are based in Berkeley, California, United States, on occupied Chochenyo territory. 

Do you ship worldwide?
At this time, we are only accepting orders within the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. This is due to the varying laws about mailing herbs and plant material internationally. However, there is considerable demand for international shipping, and we are researching the best ways to make this service available to a broader number of recipients.

Is your product vegan?
Our kits sometimes come with beeswax for topical salve-making. However, this can be substituted for soy wax. Just select the vegan option at checkout.

Are your herbs and seeds organic / non-GMO / wildcrafted / local? 
The vendors we purchase from will vary, depending on the availability of the product. We prioritize sourcing organic, local farms and suppliers in our vendor sourcing. We will always make a list of our vendors for each box available to our subscribers. 

Who paints the art for the boxes?
The botanical art prints that come in each box are lovingly painted by the founder's mom, who goes by Virgi. You can pick up more copies of her art prints in the shop. 

Why do you do limited runs? Will you consider offering more boxes if they sell out quickly? 
We are a small operation - each box is packed by hand, so we limit new subscribers to 100 to make sure the system and our space can handle the demand. We will keep you up to date on availability. 

How is the subscription box priced? 
Our kits are designed to be accessible and affordable, and subscription plans range from $33 - $39 per month.

I live in Canada / Australia / the UK and my order got lost! Will you refund me?
If your order never makes it to you, we cannot be held responsible. Once it leaves the USA, we have no control over it. For this reason, are unable to refund lost packages. Shipping dried herbs and seeds is always a gamble with customs, and if the package gets withheld we cannot be responsible. Once the package leaves the US, it is unfortunately out of our hands. However, we will give you a Customs Form number with your order, so you may contact the post office in this event. 

Is there a Facebook group for members to learn with each other?
Yes! Once subscribed, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group. It is our hope that this community will be a place of help and support for learners to connect with one another.

I'm an herbalist / artist / maker and I'd like my products to be featured in your box. 
Great! We'd love to feature different artisans and their products in each of our upcoming boxes. There are many possibilities for partnership. If you're a maker, we'd love to hear from you. 

I'm a blogger / influencer and I'd like to review your box. 
Thanks for your interest. We are currently seeking ambassadors to partner with.  Please inquire directly via email or on Instagram.