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Learn herbalism, grow your medicinal garden, and build your home apothecary.  Subscribe today and get new herbs, seeds, and projects delivered monthly. 

Herbal Apprentice Box

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Our next box: 

Musculoskeletal Magic

This kit is LOADED with important herbs and recipes to support strong bones, healthy muscles, and resilient skin. Let's make some topical magic!

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What's in the box?

Our Herbal Apprentice Box is overflowing with plant goodness! A typical shipment includes:

  • 3 varieties of dried herbs (4-6oz total)
  • 1-2 packets of medicinal seeds
  • 2 collectible botanical art prints (5x7")
  • Equipment for the home projects (jars, bottles, etc.)
  • 20+ page study guide around the monthly theme
  • Delicious loose tea samples from The Loose Leaf
  • BONUS herbal gifts, like candles, essential oils & more

Spaces are always limited, so reserve your box today!

More than a box:

a community.

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