We'll meet you where you're at.

Whether you're brand new to herbalism or looking to level-up your skills, the Herbal Apprentice Box by Apothecary At Home is the perfect way to get hands-on with plant medicine from the comfort of your home. 

We believe that the world desperately needs more healers. Sharpen your skills with new herbs, DIY projects, and seeds delivered monthly!

For Plant Nerds, By Plant Nerds

Hi there! I'm Shannon, the founder of Apothecary At Home. I'm an herbalist and self-professed "plant nerd." 

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was inspired to launch Apothecary At Home because I saw a great need in my community for better accessibility to herbal learning and plant medicine.

I was fortunate enough to study herbalism in a formal program in Berkeley, California. During my time there, I was surprised by just how many of my friends would confess that they also dreamed of becoming herbalists, and aspired to be able to heal themselves and their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the high prices of tuition, major time commitments, and long commutes to school were hurdles that discouraged them from following their calling. 

I wanted to create a solution for them that was affordable, casual, and required no travel. An easier way to study the very basics. Thus, the Herbal Apprentice Box was born. 

Apparently, the idea resonated. Our first box shipped in July of 2020, and we've sold out every month since!  

We were awarded Cratejoy.com's Best New Box of 2020, and shortly after, I was honored to have my interview featured in their International Women's Day 2021 tribute.

While a couple lookalike boxes have tried to recreate our magical experience, there is no substitute for true herbal expertise. We put our heart and soul into every new edition, and our community of nearly 1000 monthly students can attest that this the best way to learn herbalism remotely.

We are passionate about herbal education, first and foremost.  Apothecary At Home is my full-time business, and it's my greatest hope that it will serve as a close companion for those traversing the plant path. 

The community we've built, the connections we've made, and the lives we've been able to touch through these little boxes have exceeded my wildest dreams. I've loved every second of it - even the late night marathons of packing boxes in my living room!

Feel free to reach out to us at any time for any reason: hello@apothecaryathome.co - we love hearing from you and do our best to be responsive to your inquiries. 

Praise for Apothecary At Home:

"I love this box. The information is thorough while still being totally accessible. The recipes are great and easy to follow. I love that all of the ingredients are provided and in generous quantities. And there's a really supportive online community. I couldn't recommend more highly."

Leslie S. 

"Can't recommend this subscription enough. You get the learning resources and knowledge to dive into the herbs of the month, as well as ingredients and tools to make something with them. In my opinion, this blows any herbal study program out of the water." 

Christy B. 

"I loved this box!  I couldn't believe there were 3 LARGE bags full of aromatic quality herbs. The beautiful drawings of the plants along with the seed packets, jars, essential oils and instructional booklets were wonderful. I truly feel like I got more than my money's worth on this box!"

Stephen P.