About Us

A little about who we are, what we're up to, and where we're going. 

For Students, By Students

Hi there! I'm Shannon, the founder of Apothecary At Home. I'm a clinical herbal apprentice, with a background in writing and photography. 

I was inspired to launch Apothecary At Home because I saw a great need in my community for better accessibility to herbal learning and plant medicine.

When I shared my enthusiasm about herb school with my friends, many would often say that they wanted to study herbalism, too. Unfortunately, the high prices of tuition, major time commitments, and long commutes to school were huge hurdles that discouraged them from following their calling. 

I wanted to create a solution that was affordable, casual, and required no travel. So, I created the Monthly Herbal Study Box.

When we were ordered to stay home during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I devoted my nights and days to developing a product that I would be proud to share with my community. I always say it's the kit I wish I had when I was starting on the path! 

Apparently, my idea resonated. We opened for pre-orders in May of 2020, and we've sold out every month since!  

Apothecary At Home is a new adventure for me, but it's my greatest hope that it will serve as a close companion and a friendly guide for those traversing the plant path. 

The feedback I've heard, the scholarships we've been able to offer and the connections we've made through this product have made it all worth it. (Yes, even the late night marathons of packing boxes in my living room.)

Feel free to reach out to us at any time for any reason. We love hearing from you and do our best to be responsive to your inquiries.