The Herbal Apprentice Box

The award-winning monthly box that guides you into the world of Traditional Western Herbalism.

Are the plants calling you?

Our Herbal Apprentice Box is the perfect companion for the aspiring herbalist - or anyone who desires a deeper relationship with plants. 

Each month we focus on a different wellness topic, and each box is packed full of herbs, projects, and study guides to help you grow your home apothecary - while growing your abilities as a healer. 

You will learn:

  • The foundations of Traditional Western Herbalism
  • Clinical herbal vocabulary and key concepts
  • A variety of folk medicine-making techniques
  • Anatomy and physiology of important bodily systems
  • How to identify and harvest herbs responsibly
  • An intro to herbal meditation and plant courtship
  • Herbal history, ethnobotany, and magical lore 
  • How to create your own Materia Medica

...and more.