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Sponsor a Budding Herbalist

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Product Description

In light of the recent up-swell of direct action against racial injustice, Apothecary at Home now offers free or at-cost box-subscription scholarships to marginalized folks who are interested in herbalism, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The herbal community is not immune to systemic racism. For many centuries, Black and Indigenous ancestors have mastered herbal healing, only to have their wisdom stigmatized, ridiculed and torn away by white colonialism. Today, this violence persists in our community, in which herbal medicine and education is repackaged and sold back to BIPOC at high profit margins. Costly tuition fees, expensive accreditation and cultural history erasure in herbal academia are just a few examples of the challenges facing BIPOC. We want BIPOC to not only feel like their lineage of herbal tradition is welcomed in the herbal space - it is honored. Western Herbalism would not be where it is today had it not been for BIPOC's generations of experimentation, contribution and teaching. You can pay it forward (or backwards - depending on which way you're looking) by sponsoring a box-subscription for someone who's been impacted by systemic racism.

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