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Herbs for Divine Digestion Study Guide + Classes


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Product Description

This course offers 5 online class recordings and a study guide PDF with over 20 pages of information on how herbs can support digestive wellness. Inside, you'll find: *An overview of the digestive system's anatomy and physiology *Patterns of GI "excess" and "deficiency," and what symptoms to look for *A list of herbal actions and recommended herbs for the digestive system *Plant monographs for Fennel and Peppermint that describe their historical, medicinal, and magical uses *Step-by-step instructions for how to make a Bloat-Be-Gone Tincture AND some Dandelion Root Bitters *A cheat-sheet for different digestive illnesses (such as GERD, IBS, ulcers, and leaky gut) and how to support them herbally * +PLUS 9 BONUS recipes for herbal remedies to help with things like colic, low appetite, and kidney stones! This study guide was included in our November 2021 Box, Herbs for Divine Digestion. Once purchased, you will receive a digital download link with 1 business day.

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