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Wild Woman Wellness: Study Guide + Class


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Product Description

This in-depth study guide offers 40+ pages of information on how herbs can support feminine reproductive health, from menstruation through menopause, and during the childbearing years. Inside, you'll find: *An anatomical and physiological overview of the female reproductive system *A list of herbal actions and recommended herbs to support womb wellness *Plant monographs for Red Raspberry Leaf and Vitex / Chasteberry that describe their historical, medicinal, and magical uses *Step-by-step instructions to make uterine tonics, tinctures, oxymels, acetums and electuaries to treat PMS, hot flashes + more * +Plus dozens of BONUS recipes for common PMS, pregnancy, and peri-menopause complaints This study guide was included in our April 2022 Box, Wild Woman Wellness. Once purchased, you will receive a digital download link via email with 1 business day.

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