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Past Box: Deep Detox


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Product Description

If you missed the sales window for Deep Detox, fear not! We have a handful of leftover boxes, so you can claim one before they sell out. This edition is filled with herbs and projects to support the body's major organs of detoxification: the kidneys, liver, skin, and more. The featured herbs in this kit were burdock, nettles, and a surprise mystery seed herb that supports liver function. The box includes the hardware and digital study guide PDF with instructions to make a Nourishing Nettle Vinegar, Hangover-Helper tincture, nutritive salts, teas, oils, and much more. This kit also includes medicinal seeds, painted botanical art prints, a green clay foot mask, Gua Sha tool, and an artisanal Detox Tea sample from The Loose Leaf Tea Co.

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