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Sweet & Salty Coconut Milk Mini Chocolates (Vegan / GF)


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Product Description

SWEET, SALTY & CHEEKY! "Caramelized sugar and toasted coconut are a perfect match. Made special for Valentine's Day, this creamy, milky, vegan dark milk chocolate is borderline buttery when it melts on your palate. A sprinkle of pink sea salt and a dash of vanilla bean rounds out the flavor, giving you a little bit of everything in one bite. Each bar is wrapped in a sweet or salty message, so pass them along to your friends, loved ones, or someone you’ve been admiring. Think elevated conversation hearts, but make them cheeky Raaka minis instead. Each bag contains approximately 40 individual mini bars. 58% CACAO. CACAO ORIGIN: Semuliki Forest, Uganda"

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