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Daily Essentials Trio | Mixed Aromatherapy Towelettes


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Product Description

Happy Spritz has taken three of their favorite scents and transformed them into easy to carry + refreshing essential oil towelettes to take you throughout your day from morning to night. • 100% biodegradable + sustainable plant fibers • therapeutic grade steam distilled essential oils • cruelty free + vegan • made in california • 100% natural/plant based ingredients Face + body + hands | 10 - individually wrapped Good Morning Beautiful (organic citrus) | 10 - individually wrapped Breathe Deeply (organic peppermint + eucalyptus) | 10 - individually wrapped Sweet Dreams Darling (lavender + chamomile) | These towelettes are great to use while you are on the go. Wake up with Good Morning Beautiful, use Breathe Deeply during your commute or while working for home to help with stress and to stimulate your mind. Relax and settle down with Sweet Dreams Darling.

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