Talk to Your Plants:

Making Friends with Plants & Spirit

* * *

Virtual Weekend Intensive

Cohosted by Apothecary At Home & The Dreaming Otter

October 21-22, 2023

As the autumnal equinox draws near,

Twelve magical beings will gather to explore the alchemy of herbs, spirit, and artistic expression.  Will you be one of them?

We invite you to join us for a special new offering, a virtual intensive weaving together the worlds of herbal medicine, the spirit of plants, and inspired creativity.

The heart of this offering is about building relationships, both directly with spirits of plants themselves, and also with your fellow beings walking the healer’s path.  

With one foot rooted in the lineage of Traditional Western Herbalism, and the other stepping into direct relationship with helping spirits and guides, we are extending this offering to 12 individuals from our respective communities: 6 community members from The Dreaming Otter, and 6 herbalists from Apothecary At Home.

In preparation for this weekend intensive, we’ll guide you in selecting your own Plant Friend.  This will be your sacred partner for a series of fun and meaningful activities to deepen your skills of herbcrafting and intuition.

You’ll come away with practical knowledge of herbalism, a deepened connection with spirit and direct revelation, and a blossoming collection of DIY projects inspired by the plants.  And of course, some new friends!

Who this is for

This intimate circle blends two groups: herbalists looking to deepen their spiritual connection with plants, and people on a spiritual path interested in learning about the plant kingdom.

What we'll cover

Each of us will pick a special plant being to work with over our weekend together, where we’ll cover:

  • Intro to herbal philosophy
  • Connecting directly with plants in the spirit world
  • Choosing a Plant Friend and building a relationship
  • Engaging the elements and senses
  • Choosing herbs based on energetics
  • Creating sacred art
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Drumming and working with spirit and plant guides
  • The importance of community
  • And where to go from here!

Preparation for Circle

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with two important goodies – a beautiful list of 17 plants selected by Shannon, with a heads up on what to avoid if you’re working with certain conditions.  You’ll intuitively choose a plant to work with, and bring your plant in 3D with you to circle.  Part of the fun is not Googling your plant before circle – think ‘beginner’s mind.’

You’ll also receive a short home-study course from Anna on how to journey with spirit guides if you’re new to connecting to the unseen realms with a rhythmic drumbeat.  The self-paced course will take you about a half hour, and you’ll have time to practice a couple journeys so you’re ready to connect with your plant’s spirit in Circle.

Shannon & Anna will cohost and record an optional half-hour prep call on Friday. October 6th if you have questions about picking your plant friend or need support journeying with helping spirits. With your Plant Friend in hand, and skills in place to journey in the spirit world, you’re all set!

From Anna

hulloa magic being!  what a deep joy and honor to get to connect with you as you begin or deepen with the marvelous, magical, mysterious world of plants and spirit.

as a teacher of healing arts for 20 years, it’s my strong belief that we benefit most from blending practical and magical approaches.  I’m so excited to learn more about plants in 3D with shannon, and help you meet their spirits in the unseen realms.

once you learn how to talk with plants (or any other being) in spirit, beautiful doors open for you.  plant beings are amazing to connect with, and it’s fun and rewarding to make friends with their spirits.

everything about this gathering makes my heart sing – plants, spirit, art, learning, and wonderful people being kind with each other?  happy YES to that, and with hand to heart, I can’t wait to welcome you.

until we get to connect in circle, my love and blessings to you…

anna dorian, healer & teacher
founder of the dreaming otter


From Shannon

Hello new friend! First of all, I want to celebrate your curiosity around connecting with the plants on a deeper level. They are excited to talk to you, too!

As a clinical herbalist, I help people achieve their healing and wellness goals through the use of medicinal plants. I believe at my core that the best medicine is made when an herbalist is in relationship with the plants they are working with.  This weekend will be all about nurturing these sacred relationships through creative and sensory experiences.

This little gathering is unique, the first of its kind, and born from the loving intention to help you find the plants that want to heal you. 

I’m honored to be joining Anna in guiding you home to the plants, and sharing unique perspectives from my lineage of Traditional Western Herbalism.

What an exciting adventure we are about to embark on together! I can’t wait to meet you and play match-maker for you and your special Plant Friend during our weekend together.  See you on the plant path!

Shannon O’Brien, Clinical Herbalist, Educator
Founder of Apothecary At Home


To maintain the integrity of the class, we are intentionally limiting our group to 12 participants this year.

Will you be one of them?